Johnny Raygun Quarterly #6 - This issue wraps up our first big story arc!  It's a must have must read must buy another issue issue!

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Johnny Raygun Quarterly #6 - This is our best super-star cover ever - because it is from Super-Stars Rich Woodall and Matt Talbot!
only 2.95 each - Wotta bargain!
All copies of Johnny Raygun come with a
super-futuristic poly-sleeve and a strengthening insert.  

Johnny Raygun Quarterly #6



 Chris's Comics of Seabrook and Salem, NH present..
Johnny Raygun fights the Lobster man fish thingy....guy.
The shops in NH sure do show their support for Johnny.  Chris's Comics commissioned their own cover for the Hampton Beach 2005 Seafood Festival.  It's issue #6 but with a special edition variant cover.  Now we have very few of these, since Chris's Comics purchased them all.  We'd prefer that you got your copy, from them.  CHRIS'S CARDS & COMICS, 919 LAFAYETTE RD. (ROUTE 1), SEABROOK, NH  (603) 474-2283 or CHRIS'S CARDS & COMICS, 341 SOUTH BROADWAY, ROUTE 28, SALEM, NH  (603) 898-4151.  Be sure to ask them about the SUPER RARE GOLD and SILVER Editions, limited to only 25 of each!
Now we do have a few and will sell you one of ours but we really don't want to

Johnny Raygun #6 LOBSTER VARIANT - $14.95 but super limited


Johnny THE WHOLE darn thing! 
Want to get the whole set of Johnny Raygun comics to read?  Well this is the deal for you my friend!  In this spectacular run you get, Johnny Raygun SE #1, JR Q1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and our first FCBD edition!  That gives you all the great Johnny Stories and our first 6 issue story arc.  Buy this and save some dough!

Johnny Raygun 8 issue set! only $19.95



JOHNNY RAYGUN - The Variant Editions
Okay - so you don't like Malt Liquor.  You want the best of the best and that's what you get in this  issue set!  You get Johnny Raygun SE #1 (no variants were available), The original art cover to Q1, the b/w retro cover to issue #2, the Ed McGuinness Sketch Variant and the RARE Reverse the Curse edition of issue #3, the Spidey Homage cover of issue #4, both Larry's Star Wars Variants of issues #5, as well as the FCBD edition of issue #5, the Chris's Comics Lobster Edition of Issue #6 and the Paperback Bazaar Edition of our first FCBD issue.  That's 11 super cool variant editions and one of them has original art on it!  It's a special price and a super savings!

Johnny Raygun Variant Lot only $59.95