Johnny Raygun Quarterly #2 - This is the issue that features the Angry Johnny Erik Larsen cover.  See Johnny.  See how mad he is.  He's mad because you haven't picked up this issue yet.  Of course when we saw Erik in Chicago we weren't smart enough to get him to sign any copies for us.  Maybe next time.  What we're really hoping for is to have Johnny show up in some random Image comic.  We can only dream.  Also check out our limited edition variant retro cover.  Do you know what classic comic we were paying honor to?

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Johnny Raygun Quarterly #2 - Featuring an awesome cover by Image Comics' Publisher, Eric Larsen, you have to click on the picture to see how cool it really is..  You also get a flip cover by the unbeatable TEAM RAYGUN (if you click the picture you'll also see their cover, bunky)
only 2.95 each - Wotta bargain!
All copies of Johnny Raygun come with a
super-futuristic poly-sleeve and a strengthening insert.  

Johnny Raygun Quarterly #2


RETRO Johnny Raygun Quarterly #2 -
This B/W cover is only available in minimal quantites.  Only 500 of these puppies exist so you better claim yours now.  Same awesome story but with a classic 60's style cover.  Do you know what comic we are paying homage to?  We just found that an entire CASE of these were damaged in shipping so now there's even less of them!
only 8.95 each - While supplies last - did I mention that supplies are very limited?

Johnny Raygun RETRO Quarterly #2


Johnny Raygun Classics. - 
This was our contribution to the greatest day in the world, Free Comic Book Day, 2004. It's got a story from our original comic, it's got a new story from Woodall & Talbot, it's got a new story written by Woodall & Talbot with pencils from Frankie B Washington and inks by William Renfro.  This is the comic of comics to own.  Get this Johnny Raygun Grab Bag of fun for only $2.95 (plus S&H) and you'll get it there.

Johnny Raygun Classics #1


Johnny Raygun Classics - The Paperback Bazaar Edition!  
This super limited edition of the Johnny Raygun Free Comic Book Day Comic was only available at the paperback bazaar on Free Comic Book Day.  Now you can get your copy for only $3.95 plus S&H and you get a copy of the regular edition, too.  That's quite the collectible bargain.  Only about 500 of these exist so get yours while you can.

Johnny Raygun Paperback Bazaar ltd FCBD